At Hellodeco, we’re building a better way to use email.

Once upon a time, we used email to send and receive messages with other humans. Today, our inboxes are overflowing with notifications, newsletters, and receipts.

Email providers haven’t kept up. We invented phrases like “inbox zero” to push ourselves to comb through every message in our inboxes in pursuit of email nirvana. It hasn’t worked.

At the same time, we started spending more time outside of email. Awesome apps like Slack, Hubspot, and Figma pushed us to collaborate in their apps instead of our inboxes.

Along the way, email became our link across all these apps to give us one identity. As the web grew, we started linking more than a couple apps—we started linking like a hundred.

It’s no wonder email is such a mess. Email went from humble carrier pigeon to all-in-one internet identity.

Then what should email look like today?

Hellodeco understands that the number of apps we’re using isn’t going down, so instead of re-inventing email we’re focusing on inventing a new way to organize these apps.

Hellodeco is email, calendar, and contacts that eliminates the stress of juggling all your work apps.