Building the unbundle

I’ve spent 5 years as a G Suite, Office 365 reseller and then 3 years as a product manager at high-growth startups. I’ve deployed cloud-based software for over a hundred teams. Here’s a pattern I’ve noticed:

Teams try new software all the time. Some of this software gains traction internally so they purchase and adopt it across the org. This new software promises to solve communications and collaboration challenges.

Often though, this “new tool” is like the 12th or 20th new tool. Worse, teams haven’t even adopted the previous newnew tool, so the real new tool gets lost in all the noise of the workday.

Teams are adding more apps than ever because purpose-built apps like Slack and Airtable are so feature-rich. They’re switching (or adding) these purpose-built apps on top of the apps they already had through their email bundle (like MS Teams and Google Sheets).

So by this point, your team has adopted a bunch of apps. Some of which duplicate functionality you were already paying for. And, your team has no idea which app to actually use. Signing into all these apps can be a nightmare and managing users across all these is a full-time job. Welcome to app chaos!

How does this get better? 👉 Teams need to be able to bring their own apps and build their own app bundles. To start, this means unbundling G Suite or Office 365 and getting rid of the apps you don’t use.

Enter Hellodeco 👋 Hellodeco understands that the number of apps we’re using isn’t going down, so instead of re-inventing email we’re focusing on inventing a new way to organize these apps.

Hellodeco is email, calendar, and contacts that lets you bring your own apps. It’s the unbundle—the slimmest bundle—designed to eliminate the stress of juggling all your work apps.

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