Finally, your team can work together. You built a productive workflow across a dozen web apps. You love this new workflow but still can’t seem to move past email.

That’s because modern email bundles like G Suite and Office 365 don’t integrate well enough with your workflow.

With Claudemail you get…

The Basics

super speedy and privacy-first
email, calendar, and contacts

App Hub

one place to start your workflow
and access your team’s apps

Combining the basics you can’t work without and an app hub to make the most of your team’s time, creative teams run on Claudemail.

Claudemail is more than just a layer on top of your existing email provider. It’s a full-scale rethinking of how an email provider can work better in the app era. Host and manage your team’s apps and email all in one place.

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Founding Team

Jack Sellwood
senior product manager

Tyler Halstead
full stack engineer

Matt Ehlinger
staff software engineer